November 16

Seminar: Frank Zhou, University of Pennsylvania: "Management Forecasts and Competition for limited investors"

November 19

Seminar: Tommy Andersson, Lund University: “Dynamic Refugee Matching”

November 21

Seminar: Pietro Biroli, University of Zurich: "Genetics and Health Insurance: How Genes and Insurance Status Affect Smoking Decisions after Health Shocks"

November 22

Seminar: Nikolas Breitkopf, University of Munich

November 27

Seminar: Timo Hener, Aarhus University: "Noise Pollution and Violence"

December 6

Seminar:  Peter Feldhütter, Copenhagen Business School

December 12

Seminar: Marianne Bitler, University of California - Davis



February 12

Seminar: Raphael Franck, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

March 19

Seminar: David Leblang, University of Virginia

April 24

Seminar: James Feigenbaum, Boston University

April 25-26

Workshop: 10th Annual Workshop on Growth, History and Development

April 29

Seminar: Joachim Winter, LMU

April 30

Seminar: Beatrix Eugster, University of St. Gallen

May 7

Seminar: Mette Gørtz, University of Copenhagen

May 13

Seminar: Rok Spruk, University of Ljubljana

May 28

Seminar: Leonardo Bursztyn, University of Chicago

May 29

Seminar: Pia Pinger, University of Bonn

June 11

Seminar: Elizabeth Cascio, Dartmouth College

June 17

Seminar: Sue Dynarski, University of Michigan

June 20

Seminar: Ethan Lewis, Dartmouth College

June 27

Seminar: Stelios Michalopoulos, Brown University

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