Seminars take place in the IVØ seminar room unless otherwise indicated




Feb. 20

Joyce Burnette, Wabash College
Time: 15.00
Is it who you are, where you work, or with whom you work that matter for earnings? Gender and peer effects among late nineteenth-century industrial workers

Mar. 6

Martin Dribe, Lund University
Time: 15.00
Socioeconomic Status and Adult Life Expectancy in Early Twentieth-Century Sweden: Evidence from Full-Count Micro Census Data

Mar. 14

2nd SDU Workshop on Economic and Business History
Note: Meeting room 6, Department of History

April 24

Karen Clay, Carnegie Mellon University
Time: 12.45
Title: Toxic Truth: Lead and Fertility

May 16

Noel Johnson, George Mason University
Time: 12:00
Title: The Effects of Land Redistribution: Evidence from the French Revolution

June 4-5

9th Annual Workshop on “Growth, History and Development”

June 6

Noam Yuchtman, Haas School of Business, UC-Berkeley
Time: 12.45
Title: To be announced

Sep. 25

Christian Dippel, UCLA Anderson School of Management
Time: 12.45
Title: To be announced

Oct. 16

Matthias Doepke, Northwestern University
Time: 13.00
Title: To be announced

Oct. 23

Andrei Markevich, New Economic School, Moscow
Time: 13:00
Title: To be announced


Coordinators: Philipp Ager and Lars Lønstrup
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