Ongoing research projects

Normative foundations and behavioral implications of non-market allocation (NORMA)

Financed by the Danish Research Council.
The purpose of the NORMA project is to advance our scientific understanding of the efficiency and distributive consequences of non-market allocation mechanisms, and to explore the normative basis and behavioral aspects of their application to health care rationing and priority setting. The NORMA project is a collaborative project involving SDU, CBS, Copenhagen University and international collaborators. The kick-off workshop was held in Seville September 2017.

Improving Quality of Care in Europe (IQCE)

Financed by EU Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie project.
The aim of the IQCE program, which involves 15 PhD projects is to improve the quality and performance of European health care systems. Each PhD thesis will focus on one of six dimensions of health care quality as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO): effectiveness; safety; efficiency; access; equitability; and acceptability. The two PhD projects based at COHERE will focus on equity in access to health care services in a system where general practitioners act as gatekeepers, and how policy interventions affect general practitioners' resource allocations. Two PhD positions will be commenced in September 2017.

Preferences for universal health care coverage: the mechanism of altruistic preferences in a welfare state

Financed by the Danish Research Council.
The project is a PhD project (Lise Desireé Andreasen) which seeks to elicit the public's preferences for health care allocation using survey and experimental methods. It is conducted in collaboration with VIVE.

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