Research themes

The project focuses on research themes that will provide input on how to meet the future challenges of the health care system. Using a novel combination of economic, epidemiological, behavioral, and legal perspectives, the project consists of seven interrelated work packages with the following objectives:

  • To investigate possible interrelationships between inequality, health, and socio-economic status, including workforce participation. 
  • To assess the social gradient in the quality of primary health care services, with focus on the role of multi-morbidity and provider characteristics.
  • To develop the theoretical foundation and methodology for more appropriate multidimensional health inequality measures. 
  • To develop and assess new methods of collecting stated preference for health care services. 
  • To investigate the normative foundations of population health evaluation and to develop a methodology for appropriately integrating concerns for equality and altruism in economic analyses. 
  • To disclose in which aspects of life individuals finds it difficult to adhere to preferred behavioral patterns, with focus on variations across socio-economic strata. 
  • To investigate the regulatory framework for priority setting and examine the constraints in international law for setting up a national prioritizing  scheme.

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