FAIRCARE is financing a large experimental survey which has the purpose of identifying personality traits that may drive unhealthy behaviour and excessive use of health care services. The survey utilizes experimental approaches to elicit citizens' core preferences. The survey data will be linked to a broad set of registry data in order to explain demand for general practitioner services, hospital admissions, adherence to medication, voluntary donations, etc.

Conferences and workshops (previous)

Game Theory economics and mathematics 6th workshop (June 7, 2013) (co-financing)
Fair Allocation, 3rd international workshop on Game theory – Economics and Mathematics (October 2-3, 2014) (co-financing)

SING 12 conference July 2016 (co-financing)

Participation in NORMA-FAIRCARE workshop 2017.
3th Nordic conference on behavioral and experimental economics (September 28-29, 2018) (co-financing)
Game Theory economics and mathematics 7th workshop (October 5-6, 2018) (co-financing)

Conferences and workshops (upcoming)

Upcoming conferences and workshops will be announced here.

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