The Finance group teaches at all levels and is responsible for several Bachelor’s and Master’s courses, and we have also taught Ph.D. courses in corporate finance.

In addition, the group is responsible for two graduate MSc profiles. Undergraduate courses are taught in the Business Administration (Generel Erhvervsøkonomi and Business Management), Economics, and Mathematics-Economics programmes. At the graduate level the unit is particularly involved in the MSc Business Administration - Accounting and Finance programme and the MSc Economics - Finance and Economics programme, and several Mathematics-Economics students enroll in the finance courses. The graduate courses attract a large number of students: 50-70 students in mandatory finance courses, and elective courses often attract around 40 students.


The unit delivers high quality in its educational obligations, both in terms of course content and in terms of working with the teaching and examination methods. For example, a member won the SDU-BSS teaching prize in 2014, and the group incorporates up-to-date research into the teaching in all graduate courses taught by faculty members. Our graduate finance programmes have a high quality level to ensure that the students are well equipped in competing for jobs; the hallmark of the group’s profiles is a profound theoretical foundation with practical applications. The group is responsible for undergraduate teaching at several campuses, and a recent pedagogical focus is to ensure quality.

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