A central theme in Finance is to understand the role of the different markets and how frictions on these markets impact the decision making under uncertainty, which affects our everyday life. The expertise of the Finance group covers both theoretical and empirical research by implementing advanced mathematical-statistical models with a theoretical background often founded in microeconomics.                                                         

Main research areas:

  • Asset pricing, providing a foundation for pricing claims to uncertain payments.
  • Asset allocation, explaining how investors dynamically allocate wealth.
  • Corporate finance, providing an understanding of firms’ capital structure and investment behaviour in a dynamic setting. Dynamic corporate finance combined with accounting issues in this area is a unique focus of the group.
  • Financial intermediation, explaining reallocation of funds, stability of markets, behaviour of banks and effects of regulation.

The group regularly contributes to the advancement of research by scientific publications on the above topics in high-quality academic journals, such as Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. For more information, please check publications.

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