The Finance group publishes in high-quality journals (e.g., JBF, JCF) and we aim to ameliorate this in the future. Our research is often interdisciplinary and we also publish in economics and accounting journals.

Selected publications


Alexander Schandlbauer
How do financial institutions react to a tax increase? Journal of Financial Intermediation, Volume 30, April 2017, Pages 86-106


Saskia Clausen & Stefan Hirth
Measuring the value of intangibles. Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 40, October 2016, Pages 110-127 


Saskia Clausen & Christian Riis Flor
The impact of assets-in-place on corporate financing and investment decisions. Journal of Banking & Finance, Volume 61, December 2015, Pages 64-80

Ralf Elsas & David Florysiak
Dynamic Capital Structure Adjustment and the Impact of Fractional Dependent Variables. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Volume 50, Issue 5, October 2015, Pages 1105-1133

Christian Riis Flor & Søren Hesel
Uncertain Dynamics, Correlation Effects, and Robust Investment Decisions. Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, Volume 51, Pages 278-298


Stefan Hirth
Credit Rating Dynamics and Competition. Journal of Banking & Finance, Volume 49, December 2014, Pages 100-112 

Peter Ove Christensen, Christian Riis Flor, David Lando & Kristian R. Miltersen
Dynamic capital structure with callable debt and debt renegotiations. Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 29, December 2014, Pages 644-661


Christian Riis Flor & Stefan Hirth
Asset Liquidity, Corporate Investment, and Endogenous Financing Costs. Journal of Banking & Finance, Volume 37, Issue 2, February 2013, Pages 474-489

Christian Riis Flor & Kevin Berg Grell
Venture capital budgeting — Carry and correlation. Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 21, June 2013, Pages 216-234

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