Research Focus
Research in accounting addresses the construction and use of the financial information of an organization. This relates to parties both within and outside the organization. Management accounting is concerned with the internal stakeholders, whereas financial accounting focuses on the external stakeholders. From a decision relevant perspective the question is how the economics of the production is reflected in the product cost or how the accounting value of the firm is useful for investment decisions in the financial markets. From a performance evaluation perspective the question is how the accounting system has to be designed to motivate goal congruent behavior when the decision authority is delegated to a manager. From a regulatory perspective the question is how to set standards to control the delegation of the construction of the accounting systems to individual firms.

The accounting system reflects the financial information, and the information is often proprietary. The firm or manager supplies the information for two purposes. On the one hand, it is used for decision-making. On the other hand, it is used to evaluate the performance of the manager. In order to control the information exchange between the firm and the financial markets the financial statements are audited. This reporting dilemma represents the core of accounting and is central to the research of the group.

The focus of the accounting group’s research activities is on analyzing accounting as an information system using information economics. All aspects of accounting are included in the research of the group: managerial accounting, financial accounting, and auditing. The group is engaged in development of accounting theory, how accounting influences the supply chain efficiency, how the firms’ financial reporting is affected by competitive strategy or institutional environment, and audit market competition and policy implications.

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