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Three new research positions at Department of Technology and Innovation

In June 2020 the two sections SDU-Civil and Architectural Engineering and SDU-Mechanical Engineering received grants from the Innovation Fund Denmark and Realdanina

SDU Mechanical Engineering receives an Industrial Post Doc research grant

The project Investigation into offshore wind turbine vibrations will develop methods and automatically analyze vibration and environmental data from a database of more than 20,000 wind turbines, thereby the project will obtain validated damping valuers to use for future design of offshore wind turbines (OWT) and provide data on actual vibrations in OWTs. 

The aim is to enable more optimized design reducing cost of OWT and better assessing the remaining lifetime of existing OWTs, and through this achieve reduced levelized costs of energy (LCOE) and reduce the lifecycle costs of offshore wind energy from initial development of offshore OWT to final decommissioning. The work will be supervised by Professor Anders Brandt and Luis-David Avendãno-Valencia from SDU-Mechanical Engineering and by Esben Orlowitz, PhD, from the industrial partner Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

SDU Civil and Architectural Engineering (CAE) receives two Industrial PhD research grants


The two new industrial PhD candidates will join the section to develop industrial research on Circular Built Environment  projects in collaboration with industrial partners.

The first project Circular Transition of Social Housing: generating environmental, economic and social co-benefits by design will study the generation of social co-benefits through the circular economy transition of social housing. The PhD candidate Vibeke Grupe Larsen will be supervised by Professor WSR Nicola Tollin and co-supervised by Professor WSR Morten Birkved, from SDU and Peter Andreas Sattrup Chief consultant on Sustainability from the industrial partner The Danish Association of Architectural Firms.

The project 3DWaxForm - Circular Wax Formwork through High-speed Robotic 3D Printing will develop a novel approach for advanced concrete formworking based on reusable wax material. The work will be supervised by Assistant Professor Roberto Naboni from the CREATE Group and by Asbjørn Søndergaard CTO of the industrial partner Odico A/S and with co-supervision of Professor Christian Veje from SDU Center for Energy Informatics and Associate Professor Ivar Lund from SDU Mechanical Engineering.

The two projects (2021-2023) are part of a larger practice-oriented, interdisciplinary research team, consisting of approx. 15 industrial researchers and their university and business supervisors, supported by Innovation Fund Denmark and Realdania, under the auspices of BLOXHUB. 

The research team will work on accelerating the shift to circular built environment, with the purpose of reducing CO2 emissions as well as resource and energy consumption and to minimise environmentally harmful materials and processes, without compromising the quality of the materials and buildings and without generating new environmental and climate challenges.

Editing was completed: 14.07.2020