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Management and Administration

Peder Thusgaard Ruhoff Head of Department 
Office: Ø32-604-3
Tel. +45 6550 8675

Rebecca Aagaard Jensen, Department Secretary
Secretary for Head of Department
Purchases, HR and management support
Section Support 461/462/465/469
Office: Ø33-603-3
Tel. +45 6550 7377  

Anette Hvidtfeldt Hvid, Secretary
Absence and holiday-administration for ITI
HR for 468 and 471
Section Support 468/471
Office: Ø33-603-3
Tel: +45 6550 7450 

Jette Toft Iversen, Secretary
Secretary for the Working Environment Committee at ITI
Absence and holiday-administration and HR for  482 
Section Support 482
Office: Alsion 2, 4th floor - Block D
Tel: +45 6550 1690 

René Ask Rasmussen, Academic Staff
Web editor, communication, PURE-support, events, research support
TEK-manager and STÅ-contracts 
Office: Ø33-605b-3
Tel. +45 6550 9309

Charlotte Kjær Bruun, Academic staff
 Web editor, communication, events, research support
Department  contact person regarding enrollment of students and PhD courses offered by ITI
Office: Ø33-604-3
Tel. +45 6550 3842

Centres and sections 

Last Updated 12.04.2021