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NATO Advanced Research Workshop

Dates: 17. - 19. February 2015, 

Sønderborg, Denmark

SPS Ref. no.: 984778

By invitation only. All funded speaking postitions have been filled. Please only contact us, if you are able to self-fund your attendance or if you are interested in contributing to one of the Working Groups from your own institution.

If you are interested in sponsoring this ARW, please contact Peter Rathje

In collaboration with Department of Technology and Innovation (ITI) and Mads Clausen Institute (MCI), University of Southern Denmark.

The objectives of this workshop are to review the state-of-the science; to develop strategies, policy and planning recommendations; to identify and evaluate triple net zero initiatives and implementation; and exchange worldwide experience of municipal, military and academic experts.

The ARW will include both talks and “hands-on” tours of industrial, public and private places in Sonderborg where triple net zero is implemented or in the process of being implemented.  

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