The project has ended in 2013.  


The FELIS-Project is a research project that originates from the cooperation with two municipalities in the Region of Southern Denmark (Fredericia and Esbjerg Kommune) targeted at systematic interventions in local health promotion practice in the municipalities.

The starting point of this project is an extensive empirical and multidimensional study of everyday life and health habits of the residents of the neighbourhood in the municipality of Fredericia (2008-2011) in order to gain more knowledge of the health conditions, habits and behaviour among the residents.

The main theme for the research project is neighbourhood health.

  • The overall objective of the FELIS project is to investigate and evaluate the types of local, social and health related interventions that could ultimately help to reduce social inequality in health through systematic and focused efforts in collaboration between research and practice.

Subsidiary objectives of the FELIS project include:

  • Strengthen the accumulation of knowledge of the association between the “social context” (residential areas/communities) and health and place specific attention to gain more knowledge of the health of ethnic minorities and socially deprived groups in the area in which they live.
  • Strengthen the practice-based evidence in local efforts by implementing systematic documentation, monitoring and evaluation of interventions targeting social inequality in health.
  • Focusing on the synergy that can be created by using multidimensional intervention programs.
  • Keywords in the FELIS research-practice collaboration is:
  • Local health profiles strengthen the knowledge base for systematic holistic interventions in deprived neighbourhoods.
  • All efforts are based on empowerment and participation of the residents in all phases from planning to implementation to evaluation.
  • (Program) theories are used to understand the in social inequality in health and guide associations and create in the separate local interventions are used to understand the in social inequality in health and guide associations and create in the separate local interventions.


    The FELIS project is sponsored with funds from TrygFonden and Det Fælleskommunale Momsfond

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