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Time Magazine: Should I eat canned tuna?

Time Magazine/Health Diet/Nutrition on March 26, 2015:

Should I Eat Canned Tuna?  by Mandy Oaklander

It’s not the sexiest fish in the sea. But tuna - even once it’s caught, frozen, thawed, cooked, chopped and canned - still gets a nod of approval from most of our experts. Still, some aren’t pulling out their can openers anytime soon.

  • The remarks of 5 researchers:
    Asim Maqbool, MD, associate professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    Philippe Grandjean, MD, toxin researcher (SDU) and adjunct professor of environmental Health at the Harvard School of Public Health
    Michael Gochfeld, MD, PhD, professor of environmental and occupational medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers University
    Leonardo Trasande, associate professor of pediatrics and environmental medicine at New York University School of Medicine
    David Katz, MD, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center.