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Video: How Pollutants Impair Brain Development (Cambridge Public Library)

VIDEO April 11, 2014:  How Environmental Pollutants Impair Brain Development (1:00:23)

Out of Science for the Public: The Public Science Lectures April 08, 2014 Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge, MA
This lecture was the first in of SftP 4-part 2014 series on health and environment at Cambridge Library.

This lecture by Dr. Philippe Grandjean:
At present, industrial chemicals are not even tested for possible effects on brain development. As an international authority on the effect of environmental pollutants on brain development, Dr. Grandjean has long advocated stricter regulations on these neurotoxicants. In this presentation he explains how several common pollutants impair brain development in both the fetal stage and early childhood. During development, the human nervous system is uniquely sensitive to toxic substances. The damage from these substances affects cognition, behavior and health. The problems affect not only the damaged children, but their families, communities and the broader society. The brain power of the next generation deserves better protection, as we get only one chance to generate a brain.