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Research areas

Environmental Medicine 

  • Adverse health effects of key environmental pollutants, especially in regard to developmental and reproductive outcomes
  • development and validation of biomarkers
  • environmental and reproductive epidemiology
  • methodology studies in environmental health risk assessment and risk perception

       (Projects under each research area can be found under Research Projects)

Available methodologies, techniques and facilities

  • Cohorts and methods for environmental and reproductive epidemiology studies
  • AAS, HPLC, GC-MS and spectrophotometric methods for biomarker analyses
  • In vitro assessment of serum oestrogenicity and other receptor activation
  • Neurobehavioural and other tests for assessment of subclinical changes
  • In vitro model for percutaneous penetration through human skin
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Our  Vision

Is through research, education, and outreach efforts of the highest quality to improve public health by prevention of environmental risk factors


Our goals are

  • To ensure a strong professional profile within environmental health research in an international, national, and regional context;
  • To focus on population groups and organ systems at increased risk in regard to exposures to environmental chemical during sensitive developmental stages;
  • To disseminate information, support skills and inspire motivation through formalised teaching, outreach, and counselling


Our strength is a high level of key environmental health competences:

  • Examinations of population groups, especially prospective studies from early development;
  • Utilisation of public registries to illuminate exposures to environmental chemicals and related health risks;
  • Application and development of biomarkers that reflect environmental exposures, their effects, and mechanisms of action;
  • Refinement of research methodologies that will improve the scientific input to risk assessment and application of the precautionary principle


Our values that serve as a prerequisite:

  • A dynamic place of work with opportunities to utilise and develop one’s competences;
  • Potentials for interdisciplinary collaboration between professional groupings and research units as well as nationally and internationally;
  • Emphasis on prevention and sustainability in both science and practice.