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Research Unit of Environmental Medicine at SDU


How does the environment affect our health? To which degree is it necessary to control potentially toxic exposures to prevent negative effects on health and development of disease? How can we ourselves limit our exposures to hazardous chemicals?

These questions are central to the environmental epidemiology research group, which has been particularly active in regard to negative effects in the long term due to developmental exposures to toxic chemicals.

Because research in environmental medicine deals with exposed populations, the epidemiological studies are conducted where large differences in exposures occur. During 25 years, collaboration has included Faroese researchers, while other projects have been carried out in South America.

The environmental medicine laboratory has specialized in measurement of environmental chemicals and their effects in blood and other biological samples and – in collaboration with Odense University Hospital – analyses of trace elements, including metals in biological samples.

The research group teaches environmental medicine, toxicology and nutrition to medical students, and students of public health science, biomechanics, and supplementary degrees.

J.B. Winsløws Vej 17A/2
DK-5000 Odense C
T: +45-6550 3768

Head of research unit:
Professor Philippe Grandjean
T: +45 6550 3769

Unit Secretary:
Karin Cederberg
T: +45 6550 3768