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CMSS celebrated its 25th anniversary

25 years focusing on research and documentation that contribute to the optimization of working environment, health, safety and environmental economics in relation to the Blue Denmark

On November 8, CMSS celebrated its 25th anniversary. The event took place in the auditorium at SDU, Esbjerg. More than 70 guests, colleagues, stakeholders and business partners, attended the event to celebrate the Center's anniversary.

An interesting and versatile program had been put together for the day consisting of academic contributions, musical features and community singing.

Research leader and senior researcher Kimmo Herttua opened the anniversary event with a welcome speech. Professor Kaare Christensen, SDU talked about the topic 'Men: Good Health and High Mortality', and Fabienne Knudsen, anthropologist and former senior researcher at CMSS, talked about her experiences of fieldwork among seamen and fishermen. The newly elected mayor of Esbjerg Jesper Frost Rasmussen spoke about the subject 'Esbjerg as a study city and growth center' and special advisor Philippe Bauchy from the Danish Maritime Authority spoke of the long-standing, good cooperation between the Danish Maritime Authority and CMSS, as well as a future development of the cooperation in interaction with the industry.

The program also featured musical entertainment by vocalist Signe Juhl and pianist Martin Schack, who partly accompanied the community singing, which consisted of old sailor songs, and partly gave a jazzy and swinging concert halfway through the program. The event ended with a festive reception consisting of an appetizing tapas course and small homemade marzipan cakes for the sweet tooth.

For years to come, CMSS will look back on this memorable day with pride and joy. Thank you to all our guests who attended the celebration of our Center and contributed to making this day into something special.


Editing was completed: 23.11.2017