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Ergonomic working environment, physical strain and fatigue on Danish fishing vessels

New report from CMSS

The aim of the project was to investigate the ergonomic working environment among Danish fishermen in 2015 and to contribute with knowledge about the current ergonomic state - focusing on especially musculoskeletal disorders, fatigue and occupational injuries.
The final report matches the existing literature with the results from the completed cross-sectional study, while the fishermen's own inputs form the basis for proposals to improve the ergonomic working environment within the industry.

Based on the results, a series of follow up projects will be implemented, including several thesis projects and a qualitative field study.

You can download the final report by clicking on the cover page below, or you can order a printed version by contacting secretary Susanne E. Frank. The report is only available in Danish.


Editing was completed: 24.09.2015