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Research projects


Accidents at Sea

Timetable:     2019-2021
Contact:          Hanna B. Rasmussen or Solveig Bøggild Dohrmann

Bioeconomic analysis for Arctic Marine Ressource Governance and Policy

Contact:           Brooks Kaiser 

BLUE (a CMSS register)

Timetable:     2018-2028
Contact:          Kimmo Herttua

Creating Circular Economy Clusters for Sustainable Ship Recycling in Denmark

Timetable:     2019-2020
Contact:          Eva Roth

Determinants and patterns of health events in Danish-flagged ships: a project based on RMD data

Timetable:     2019-2022
Contact:          Kimmo Herttua

fishSAFE2025 Bangladesh

Timetable:     2019-2020
Contact:          Despena Andrioti Bygvraa       

PolSEA (Policing at SEA)

Timetable:     2016-2019
Contact:          Hanna B. Rasmussen

Respiratory diseases among Danish seafarers

Timetable:     2019-2023
Contact:          Kimmo Herttua


A gap analysis of the maritime medical practitioners’ service profile compared to general practitioners’

Timetable:        2017
Contact:            Despena Andrioti  

Accident prevention in the oil & gas industry (follow-up)

Timetable:    2014-2015
Contact:          Hanna B. Rasmussen

BLUE SDU Think Tank

Timetable:      Autumn 2016
Contact:          Solveig Bøggild Dohrmann

Ergonomic working environment, physical strain and fatigue on Danish fishing vessels

Timetable:                          2014-2015
Project manager:          Helle Østergaard

Fatigue, stress and relational coordination among ferry ship employees (PhD project)

Timetable:      2013-2016
Contact:           Solveig BøggildDohrmann

Fishermen under cross-pressure

Timetable:                         2014-2015
Project manager:          Jørgen Møller Christiansen

Health Promotion at Sea (PhD project)

Timetable:                         2007-2013
Project manager:          Lulu Hjarnø

How to reach an accident free work place in the offshore industry

Timetable:     2008-2012
Contact:          Hanna Barbara Rasmussen


Timetable:                         2013-2016
Project manager:          Jørgen Riis Jepsen

Measures for prevention of accidents in fishing in the Nordic countries (ViFaFiN)

Timetable:                         2016
Project manager:          Jørgen Møller Christiansen                         

Reporting-practice and safety culture on ships in the Danish International Ship Register

Timetable:     2010-2013
Contact:          Hanna Barbara Rasmussen

Safety culture in Fishery

Timetable:     2013-2014
Contact:          Hanna B. Rasmussen


Contact:          Eva Roth

Situation Awareness in regard to energy efficiency on ships

Timetable:      2015-2019
Contact:          Hanna Barbara Rasmussen  

Social security for seafarers all over the world, a pending challenge

Timetable:    2007-2014
Contact:          Olaf Chr. Jensen

Stewardship of marine resources in rapidly evolving Arctic economies and ecosystems: The threat of invasive species (PhD project)

Project manager:           Melina Kourantidou

The maritime Telemedicine Health Service

Timetable:     2014-early 2018
Contact:          Kimmo Herttua 

The Metabolic Syndrome

Timetable:                         2011-2014
Project manager:          Jørgen Riis Jepsen

The reform of Chinese state-owned ship crewing agencies and implications for China's seafaring labour export

Contact:          Zhiwei Zhao