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Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacology is a medical speciality, which on a scientific basis combines medical, pharmacological, epidemiological and health economic expertise in order to promote a rational, safe and economic use of drugs. Clinical Pharmacology provides counselling and guidance about all aspects in the use of drugs within all areas of the health care system.

Clinical Pharmacology includes functions related to clinical service, research and teaching as an integrated unit. It is a distinct cross-disciplinary speciality that will contribute to securing an optimal use of drugs for the individual patient, for groups of patients as well as for the society.


External tasks

Clinical Pharmacology encompasses drug information, evaluation of drug use, effect and adverse reactions, among these pharmacoepidemiological and pharmacoeconomic aspects, counselling regarding drug intoxications, evaluation of drug analyses, conductance of clinical trials, participation in drug committee work and counselling about regulatory conditions for drugs.



On 1 August 1978, a professorship in clinical pharmacology was established at the Pharmacological Institute at the former Odense University. In 1991, Clinical Pharmacology became an independent department at the Institute of Medical Biology, and in 1998, it was now an independent research unit at the Department of Public Health. From the establishment and up to 1996, clinical pharmacology was a mere university subject, but hereafter even a new medical speciality. This led to the establishment of educational positions for young doctors in clinical pharmacology. In 2003, clinical pharmacology was introduced as a speciality at the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Pharmacology, OUH. Since then, there has been a close professional collaboration between University of Southern Denmark and the OUH part of clinical pharmacology, just as these are physically situated at the same place.

Tasks primarily attached to OUH

The Drug Information: Patient-oriented counselling about drug-related questions to health care staff.
The Drug Committee: Chairmanship and clinical pharmacological counselling functions.
GCP: Good Clinical Practice – quality assurance of clinical drug trials in humans
HEKLA: Hospital unit for quality-assured drug use at OUH.
TDM: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring – counselling with regard to drug analyses

Head of Research Unit
Professor Kim Brøsen
IST – Klinisk Farmakologi
J.B. Winsløws Vej 19/2
DK-5000 Odense C
Telefon: 6550 3751

Kirsten Anette Jensen
IST – Klinisk Farmakologi
J.B. Winsløws Vej 19/2
DK-5000 Odense C
Telefon: 6550 3788
Fax: 6591 6089