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Twin research

Functional Genomics of Aging-related Traits and Diseases - A Powerful Multi-omics Study of Twins

By applying discordant monozygotic twin design to we will explore the contribution of genetic epigenetic and transcriptomic signatures to mortality, aging-related traits and age-related diseases in twins. 
| 2021-2024 | Project description |

Cross-Cancer Relationships and Risk Factors of Hematologic Malignancies - a Twin Study

PhD project: The aim of the projects is to characterize hematologic malignancies in terms of genetic, environmental, and cross-cancer risk relationships varying in time using the population based Nordic twin cohort. To identify possible epigenetic markers of hematologic malignancies in a matched case co-twin study using epigenetic data from Danish twins. And to initiate a matched case co-twin study of risk of “ink-related cancers” using questionnaire exposure data.
| 2019-2023 | Project description

Genetics and Epigenetics - Aging and Longevity

Study on the association between variation in the genome, epigenome and transcriptome associated with longevity and age-related traits. We use DNA from middle-aged and older twins, combined with survey data regarding a variety of traits related to health and functional capacity.
| 2019-2022 | Project description

NorTwinCan: Nordic Twin Study of Cancer

NorTwinCan is the largest twin study in the world available for the research of heritability and familial risks of cancers such as prostata, breast, ovarian, and colon cancer. 
| 2002-2025 | Project description

Female sex hormones and cognition in middle-aged and elderly Danish twins

PhD Project: Women have higher lifetime risk of developing AD than men. Additionally, women with AD tend to have lower cognitive function compared to men with AD. These sex differences raise the question of female sex hormones’ influence on cognition and risk of dementia. The aim is to study the association between female sex hormones and cognition in mid- and late life in Danish twins. 
| 2017-2020 | Project description

IGEMS: Interplay of Genes and Environment across Multiple Studies

An international collaboration involving twin researchers from Europe, USA, and Australia. IGEMS includes data from fifteen longitudinal twin studies of adult development and aging.
| 2014-2023 | Project description