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Data & Surveys

Aging Research

LLFS : LONG LIFE - FamilyStudy

Longitudinal study of families from the U.S. and Denmark with multiple members who have reached an very old age. Siblings are enrolled together with their children, cousins and spouses.
| 2008-2024 | Project descriptionSelected publications

SHARE : Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe

Survey on health, ageing and retirement of on the 50+ year-old Europeans with questions on demographics, health og socio-economic conditions. The study involves participants from 27 countries and data is collected every two years.
| 2004-2023 | Project description | Selected publications

Danish Centenarian Studies

The 1895 Danish Birth Cohort

All Danes born in 1905 were invited to participate in a home-based, two hour, multidimensional interview, including cognitive and physical performance tests and the collection of DNA. The participants were re-visited at 101½, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107 and 108 years of age.
| 1995-2003 | - | Selected publications

The Danish 1905 Cohort

Longitudinal study of Danes born in 1905. The participants were enrolled in 1998 (when they were about 93 years of age) and follow-ups were conducted in 2000, 2003 og 2005. 
| 1998-2005 | - | Selected publications

The Danish 1910 Cohort

Interview study with questions on: Family, education, work, living habits, health, illnesses and medication consumption, daily abilities (ADL), personality and mental well-being. 
| 2010 | -|  Selected publications

5-COOP: Birth Cohorts 1911-12

Survey on centenarians born in Denmark 1911/12 - with similar studies of 100-year-olds in France, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan.
| 2011-2012 | - |  Selected publications

The Danish 1915 Birth Cohort Study

Nationwide survey of 100-year-olds aiming to elucidating the heath and functioning of the rapidly growing population of elderly in Denmark 
- Is it good year which is added to life? 
| 2015-2016 | Projekt description Selected publications

Twin research

DaTRIS : Infrastructure project

DaTRIS is an umbrella project consisting of a number of sub-projects for which biological material has been collected as well as health data from approx. 14,000 monozygotic and dizygotic Danish twins born during the years 1931-69.
| 2008-2011 | Projekt description | Variables | Selected publications

MADT 98 : Middle Aged Danish Twins

Survey on Danish twins born 1931-52, in which 4,314 twins participated. The study included interviews, physical measurements and tests as well as blood samples. In 2008/11 a 10-year follow-up was conducted.
| 1998 & 2008-2011 | Projekt description | Variables | Selected publications

Geminakar I & II

The first round of this project in 1998 included healthy Danish twins with no diagnosis of diabetes or cardiovascular disease. In the second round of GEMINAKAR the importance of sleep for the development of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes were investigated, alone and in interaction with the genes.
| 1998 & 2008 | Projekt description | Variables | Selected publications

LSADT : Longitudinal Study of Aging Danish Twins

Longitudinal study of about 5.000 Danish twins born before 1931. The purpose of the studies was to elucidate reasons for variation in longevity, health, diseases, loss of functional abilities and intellectual skills among the elderly and very oldest Danes.
| 1995-2007 | Projekt description | Variables | Selected publications

Tvilling Omnibus: Twins health and diseases

Omnibus surveys among adult twins in 1994 and 2002 and among twin children in 2003. The purpose of the study was to study the health and diseases of twins, as well as known risk factors for diseases.
| 1994, 2002 & 2003 | - | Variables | Selected publikations