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Danish 100-year studies

The Danish 1915 Birth Cohort Study*
|: Adding years to life - or life to years

Health profile of 100-year-olds Danes including Cardiovascular assessment. 
| 2015-2016 | Project description

5-COOP: Birth Cohorts 1911-12*

Survey on centenarians born in Denmark 1911/12 - with similar studies of 100-year-olds in France, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan. 
| 2011-2012 |

The Danish 1910 Cohort*

Interview study with questions on: Family, education, work, living habits, health, illnesses and medication consumption, daily abilities (ADL), personality and mental well-being. 
| 2010 |

The Danish 1905 Cohort*

Longitudinal study of Danes born in 1905. The participants were enrolled in 1998 (when they were about 93 years of age) and follow-ups were conducted in 2000, 2003 og 2005. 
| 1998-2005 |

The 1895 Danish Birth Cohort*

All Danes born in 1905 were invited to participate in a home-based, two hour, multidimensional interview, including cognitive and physical performance tests and the collection of DNA. The participants were re-visited at 101½, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107 and 108 years of age. 
| 1995-2003 |

The Danish Centenarian Registry

The Danish Centenarian Register is intended to serve as a resource for demographic studies of the oldest Danes. The register mainly contains a historical part, which as far back as possible includes all Danes who have died at the age of 100 years or more since the 1835th. 
| Project description |