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Molecular Epidemiology

Nature and nurture

Genetic Methods and Techniques:

  • Genome-Wide Association-Studies (GWAS)
  • Epigenome-Wide Association Studies (EWAS)
  • Transcriptome-Wide Association Studies (TWAS)
  • Genome-wide Copy Number Variations (CNV)
  • DNA variations in candidate-genes and -pathways
  • Mitochondrial DNA copy-number
  • DNA sequencing
  • X-chromosome inactivation
  • miRNA

The team is also responsible for the handling and storage of biological samples from larger and minor surveys carried out by EBB, the Danish Twin Register and Danish Aging Research Center.

Our research is carried out in collaboration with researchers from University of Southern Denmark and University Hospital Odense, as well as with national and international partners. Our laboratory unit is located at OUH under the auspices of the Clinical Genetic Department and Human Genetics.

We take care of the teaching in subjects as: Genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, and the genetics of human aging and development.

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Genetic research

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Genetics is a complicated subject but we emphasize that knowledge is disseminated in a way that also captures the attention outside professional circles.

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Genetic research