LLFS : Long Life Family Study
Age & Heredity
Why is high age and good health inherited?

For more than a decade oldest-old Danes and Americans and their children have been investigated in the Long Life Family Study. Now the researchers has raised another 68 million dollars to continue the study and include the grandchildren of the oldest-old individuals.

From uterus to old age

We study how living conditions can affect health in the earliest parts of life - and at the opposite end of the spectrum of life. The goal is to identify genetic and environmental factors that are important for health, aging and longevity. 

From fetus to old age

Methods and Techniques

Epidemiology, twin research, genetic and molecular epidemiology, perinatology, clinical epidemiology, medical demography. 
  • Epidemiological designs and analyses
  • Twin analyses
  • Structural equation modeling (SEM)
  • Statistical modeling
  • Register linkage
  • Large scale questionnaire surveys including collection of genetic material

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