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Mental Health

Current projects


  • Economic evaluation of the Mind My Mind intervention (an intervention targeting children with mental illness) compared to treatment as usual.
  • Analysis of the association between school children's SDQ-total difficulties and impact scores and their individual health care costs, school performance and parents’ labor market situation.
  • Health care consumption patterns pre- and post Alzheimer diagnosis.
  • In sickness and health: Does acquired brain damage lead to divorce.
  • Returning to work after acquired brain damage - the effect of pharmaceutical treatment.
  • Evaluation eHealthyHeart - a project which aims at improving mental health among patients with heart disease (using cognitive behavioural therapy via an e-health intervention).
  • Evaluation of interventions (SHERPA and IPS) aiming to increase labour market participation for people with mental illness.
  • This project is an economic evaluation of both interventions, based on trial data and register data.
  • Dementia and diabetes amongst the elderly.
  • Economic analysis of non-pharmacological interventions for people with dementia.


Last Updated 22.03.2019