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DaCHE Discussion Papers

Physician holding coins

What motivates general practitioners? And how do they respond to different payment schemes? These questions are answered in a DaCHE Discussion Paper (in Danish), which is also included in a report from the Danish Committee for Remuneration of General Practice (‘Honorarstrukturrådet for almen praksis’).

Dorte Gyrd-Hansen; Søren Rud Kristensen; Kim Rose Olsen; Anne Sophie Oxholm; Line Bjørnskov Pedersen

No 2023: 1: Honorering og motivation i almen praksis

Dimitar Yordanov, Anne Sophie Oxholm, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen and Line Bjørnskov Pedersen

No 2022:2: Mapping general practitioners' motivation: It is not all about the money


Anne Sophie Oxholm et al.

No 2022:1: Time to revisit the agency theory and expand our thoughts on what motivates physicians? A nudge to health economists


Mauro Laudicella  and Paolo Di Donni

No 2021:3: The impact of supply-driven variation in time to death on the demand for health care


Nicolai  Fink  Simonsen and Trine Kjær

No 2021:2: New Evidence of Health State Dependent Utility of Consumption: A combined survey and register study


Mauro Laudicella  and Paolo Di Donni

No 2021:1: The dynamic interdependence in the demand of primary and emergency secondary care: A hidden Markov approach


Mauro Laudicella , Paolo Di DonniKim Rose Olsen and Dorte Gyrd-Hansen

No 2020:4: Age, morbidity, or something else? A residual approach using microdata to measure the impact of technological progress on health care expenditure


Uffe BjerregaardBibi Hølge-HazeltonSøren Rud Kristensen and Kim Rose Olsen

No 2020:3: Nurse staffing and patient outcomes: Analyzing within- and between-variation


Maiken Skovrider AaskovenTrine Kjær and Dorte Gyrd-Hansen

No 2020:2: Effects of parental health shocks on children’s school achievements: A register-based population study


Ryan Wyeth PullyblankMauro Laudicella and Kim Rose Olsen

No 2020:1: Cost and quality impacts of treatment loci for type 2 diabetes patients with moderate disease severity: Hospital- vs. GP-basedmonitoring.

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