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PhD projects affiliated with the Research Unit of User Perspectives

Ongoing PhD projects

PhD student: Tania Erika Aniol Hansen
Supervisors: Birgitte Nørgaard (principal supervisor), Jeanette Præstegaard, Mette Andresen, Tine Tjørnhøj-Thomsen
Title: Dementia friendliness – discourse, discursive and social practice 



Completed PhD projects


PhD student: Kathrine Rayce 
Supervisors: Lotte Huniche (principal supervisor), Lisbeth Rosenbek Minet, Jørgen Vestbo, Kristian Kidholm, Claus Duedal 

Title: Telemedical training in an everyday perspective for ill patients with severe and very severe COPD: a cross-sectoral study


PhD student: Henriette Bruun
Supervisors: Elsebeth Stenager (principal supervisor), Lotte Huniche, Christian Backer Mogensen, Reidar Pedersen

Title: Ethics in health care – an examination of ethical reflection groups

PhD defence
: January 6th 2017

PhD student: Sara Seerup Laursen

Supervisors: Egon Stenager (principal supervisor), Helle Johannessen, Gitte Dehlholm-Lambertsen

Title: Youngsters' pain in clinical space. The social construction of pain and selves through treatment for children and adolescents with medically unexplained somatic symptoms


PhD defence: February 26th 2016
PhD student: Jeppe Oute Hansen

Supervisors: Lotte Huniche (principal supervisor), Connie T. Nielsen, Anders Petersen

Title: The social construction of involvement of relatives in psychiatric treatment - a multisited field study of political, clinical and family discourse of involvement and their effects in the context of depression


PhD defence: May 4th 2016
PhD student: Lene Lauge Berring

Supervisors: Niels Buus (principal supervisor), Liselotte Pedersen

Title: De-escalation – managing violence and reducing coercive measures in mental health care setting. A Co-operative Inquiry

PhD defence: December 11th 2015
PhD student: Maria Hondras
Supervisors: Jan Hartvigsen (principal supervisor), Helle Johannessen, Cornelius Myburgh
Title: Villager perspectives of muscle, bone and joint conditions in rural Botswana: MuBoJo focused ethnography