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Evaluation of Patient@home

The Patient@home project aims at developing welfare technologies for the benefit of patients, health professionals and society as a whole. The project underpins a general trend towards increasing outpatient and home-based treatment. The overall goal is to reduce the number and length of hospitalisations as well as to develop new welfare technologies that may ultimately create jobs, exports and growth in society.

Central to Patient@home is the concept of patient empowerment. The aim is to involve users in the development of new technologies so that patients are supported in taking responsibility for their own health and treatment and at the same time allowed to be patients in their own home.

Patient@home was established in a collaboration between the Danish health care system, patients, industry, and research institutions. From 2012 to 2018, a total of 190 million Danish kroner were allocated to the project.

The Research Unit of User Perspectives conducts a theory-based stakeholder evaluation of the products developed in the Patient@home project.

Contact: Marie Konge Nielsen