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ELECTOR - eHealth in Rheumatology

The ELECTOR project aims to develop and evaluate a web-based platform for home-based monitoring of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. In the ELECTOR project, part of the out-patient treatment will take place at home via digital devices. Patients will assess their joints, answer questionnaires, make simple blood tests and communicate with the hospital over the internet. This home-based control and treatment safeguards a closer, easier and more individual arthritis treatment. Patients will be involved in their treatment and communication between patient and health professionals will be strengthened.

University of Southern Denmark leads Work package 6 on economic perspectives, patient perspectives and organisational perspectives. The Unit User Perspectives is involved in the evaluation of patient and organisational perspectives.

The project is headed by the Parker Institute, Copenhagen, and funded by The European Commission’s Research and Innovation Framework Programme.

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Contact person: Birgitte Nørgaard