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Research projects

Ongoing projects


CATCh-uS project

Contact: Astrid Janssens

Shackleton Project

Contact: Astrid Janssens

Safely moving on – a coherent patient pathway after lower limb amputation

The project aims to optimise the pathway for patients after lower limb amputation.

Contact: Charlotte Abrahamsen

A patient-reported outcome measurement tool for patients with hip fractures - patient and relatives’ involvement in the development and implementation process

Research project developing a hip-fracture-specific PRO tool.


Contact: Charlotte Abrahamsen


Systematic review on relatives' involvement in employment initiatives

Systematic review of the effect of relatives involvement in employment initiatives.

Contact: Birgitte Nørgaard

Evaluation of Patient@home

Theory-based stakeholder evaluation of products in the Patient@home project.

Contact: Marie Konge Nielsen

The patient as partner in Danish health research

Knowledge sharing project on patient and public involvement in research.

Contact person: Mogens Hørder

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in social psychiatry

Research project that explores the use of CAM in social psychiatry services in the Region of Southern Denmark and the Central Denmark Region.

Contact: Anita Lunde

Project 'Nursing Theory'

Research project focusing on the knowledge base of nursing  and studying the future theoretical framework of the nursing profession.

Contact: Bente Hoeck


Recent projects


ELECTOR - eHealth in Rheumatology

EU project developing and testing a web-based platform allowing home-based treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Contact: Birgitte Nørgaard

Dialogue and guidance on complementary and alternative medicine to cancer patients

Research project that aims to strengthen the dialogue with and guidance of cancer patients in hospitals on the effects of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and the interaction of CAM with conventional treatment.

Contact: Birgitte Nørgaard


Participatory design process with patients and health care professionals in the development of a web-based platform to heart failure patients.

Contact: Birgitte Nørgaard

Men, Masculinities and Healthcare in Denmark

Research project exploring how men of different backgrounds look after their health in their everyday life, what their health-related activities mean to them, and whether different masculinities and ways of being men in contemporary Denmark are implicated in the participants’ care practices.

Contact: http:Nina Nissen