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User Perspectives and Community-based Interventions

The aim of the Research Unit of User Perspectives and Community-based Interventions is to understand and co-create knowledge about service users’ experiences of aspects of health of their daily life, as well as the challenges faced in the interaction with the healthcare system with regards to health, illness and treatment. We develop and evaluate community-based activity promotion interventions targeting the users’ daily life, health, and wellness.
We work across sectors, involving citizens, patients, professionals, and other central players within the healthcare system to involve the user’s perspectives in our research.
The Research Unit collaborates with external partners, such as general practice, hospitals, municipalities, patients, and university colleges, and our members are affiliated with national and international research networks.

The unit consist of researchers from different disciplines, such as anthropology, psychology, and occupational- and health sciences. Our research contributes to public and scientific discussions about the importance of the users’ perspectives, role, and status, and to the development of community-based interventions in a constantly changing healthcare system.
The unit has strong competencies in research in user perspectives, and in developing and evaluating complex community-based interventions, targeting the user’s daily life across different phases of life, time, and space.

Research Groups:

Last Updated 24.06.2021