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User perspectives

This research programme covers studies on the perspectives of users of the health care system. The concept ‘users’ is defined in its broadest sense; patients, relatives, caregivers, health care professionals as well as managers and commissioners, whilst striving to include the ‘harder-to-reach’ groups or unheard voices.

We are interested in the perspectives of the public, on what defines health, ill-health. We study users’ experiences with health care delivery, what it means to be a patient. In addition, we study health care providers’ experiences, and how to deliver good care. Perspectives are unique to a person, yet, shaped by their environment, society and culture with which they identify.

Studies of user perspectives aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the public by improving the health care system. They aim to voice the public’s perspectives on health and advocate for better health care. User perspectives form an integral part of our research and are essential at different stages; e.g. on developing, implementing or evaluating research.