Research Programmes

Our research focuses on the following research programmes:

A research programme can be perceived as a framework of the research within a field. It consists of a set of ideas about the researcher’s perception of relevant research questions. These ideas are often an implicit common denominator of the researcher’s professional attitudes and values. Therefore, they define what they perceive to be valid or satisfying answers to these questions.

The research programmes are intended to promote the cross-disciplinary research collaboration and to optimise the researchers’ collaboration in relation to the research activities.

Each programme can have a wide range of activities, from joint guest lectures and seminars, to activities for part of the group, for example (but not limited to): thematic study groups, work-in-progress, discussions of research projects, workshops about publications, etc.

There might be a conceptual overlap between the different research programmes, as well as shared members of research. Yet, we believe these research programmes to be distinctively different and each to make a unique contribution to their field of knowledge.