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Activities, collaborations, and publications

Upcoming activities - 2022

  • Participation in international seminar about Digital Consultations, 24.-25. May 2022, Odense, Denmark
  • Participation at Nordic Congress (, 21.-23. June 2022: workshop with the title: Quality in digital consultations in future general practice and symposium with the title: A multilevel perspective on digital consultations in general practice.
  • Participation in E-Sundhedsobservatoriet 2022: 13.-14. October, Odense, Denmark. Presentations by the vCare-group.
  • Participation in and teaching by Rasmus Dahl-Larsen, Elle Lüchau and Elisabeth Assing Hvidt in video consultation in general practice at Lægedage 2022, Video, Video V-I-D-E-O, just hit the botton. 17th of November 2022.

Past activities – 2021




Assing Hvidt, E., Primholdt Christensen, N., Grønning, A., Jepsen, C. & Lüchau, E.  (2022). What are patients’ first-time experiences with video consulting? A qualitative interview study in Danish general practice in times of COVID-19. BMJ Open (accepted)

Lüchau, E. C., Jepsen, C., Grønning, A., & Hvidt, E. A. (2021). Reciprocal dynamics between patients’ choice of place and how they experience video consultations: A qualitative study. Digit Health, 7,

Sandbæk, A., Christensen, L. D., Larsen, L. L., Primholdt Christensen, N., Kofod, F. G., Guassora, A. D., Merrild, C. H., & Assing Hvidt, E. (2021). Guidance for Implementing Video Consultations in Danish General Practice: Rapid Cycle Coproduction Study. JMIR Form Res, 5(11),

Grønning, A., & Assing Hvidt, E. (2021). Den digitale læge-patient-relation. I E. Assing Hvidt, J. Søndergaard, & A. Grønning (red.), Relationer i Sundhedsvæsenet: hvorfor og hvordan? (s. 249-269). Samfundslitteratur,æsenet

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