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About the research unit

The Research Unit of General Practice houses an interdisciplinary environment with research collaboration between general medicine, psychology, theology, sociology of religion, anthropology, medical risk communication, statistics, health economics, occupational therapy, nursing, midwifery and public health science. The unit's interdisciplinary collaboration incorporates multiple methods, both within quantitative and qualitative research.

In addition to having several PhD students and Postdoc students, the Research Unit of General Practice  is responsible for the research training programme for General Practitioners (GPs).

The Research Unit of General Practice is established as a cooperation between the University of Southern Denmark and an external research unit financed by the Research Foundation of General Practice.

Audit Project Odense (APO) and the affiliated EU project HAPPY Audit are also part of the Research Unit’s activities.

The Region of Southern Denmark has based the Practice Liaison Program and the Quality Development Consulting in proximity to the Research Unit of General Practice. Also the Danish General Practice Database under KiAP (Quality in General Practice) and a University Medical Practice are housed within the building. The unit also collaborates with the Research Units of General Practice in Copenhagen, Aarhus (only in Danish) and Aalborg.



Last Updated 18.05.2021