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Publications: Before 1970

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1969 ^-- til toppen --^

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Colour vision deficiency in one of two presumably monozygotic twins with secondary amenorrhoea.
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1967 ^-- til toppen --^

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1965 ^-- til toppen --^

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1963 ^-- til toppen --^

Harvald B, Hauge M.
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Selection in diabetes in modern society.
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1961 ^-- til toppen --^

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1960 ^-- til toppen --^

Raaschou-Nielsen E.
Smoking habits in twins.
Danish Medical Bulletin, 1960; 7: 82-8.

1959 ^-- til toppen --^

Dencker SJ, Hauge M, Kaij L.
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1958 ^-- til toppen --^

Harvald B, Hauge M.
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1956 ^-- til toppen --^

Harvald B, Hauge M.
A catamnestic investigation of Danish twins. A preliminaty report.
Dan med Bull. 1956; 3: 150-8.