Issue no. 48

Page 1: Heaven and Hell: A cross-linguistic semantic template for supernatural places. By Sandy Habib

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Page 37: Japanese case marker elision in contexts of varied emotive intensity: The grammar-pragmatics interface. By Junko Baba

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Page 73: Sproglig hierarkisering i en international dansk virksomhedskontekst. Om sprogrepræsentation og sprogvalgspraksis med fokus på tysk. Af Sonja Barfod Lund & Petra Daryai-Hansen

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Page 109: Pennisi & Falzone's Darwinian Biolinguistics. Theory and History of a Naturalistic Philosophy of Language and PragmaticsReviewed by Lucrezia Compiani

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Page 115:
 What's the state-of-affairs in Cultural Linguistics? A review of Farzad Sharifian's Cultural Linguistics: Cultural Conceptualisations and Language. Reviewed by Kim Ebensgaard

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