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Symposium on Reading in a dialogical-embodied perspective

April 14-15, 2021  | Online 



Reading has primarily been considered as technical and mechanical processes decoding used to interpret and understand texts. However, an increasing body of research has recently turned its gaze to the dialogical and multi-scalar mechanisms underlying reading.

Such dialogical view opens for distributed perspectives and questions such as: what is the experiential basis of reading? How does both individual lived experience and social rules impact reading experience and understanding? How does particular personality traits manifest in embodied reading strategies? How does embodied, material engagement with a text enable imagination, so readers can read beyond the text and create fanciful universes that change one’s life? Basically, in which ways can engagement with written materials change a reader’s action-perception trajectories, e.g. ways of understanding self, others and the world?

Altogether, those questions struggle with the concept of meaning, and we invite discussant to consider where, how and if there is a place for the ‘theory of meaning’ in a dialogical-embodied perspective on reading.


Keynote Speakers

Professor Anežka Kuzmičová
Professor Yanna Popova


9:30  Welcome 
 9:45  Keynote: Anežka Kuzmičová
 10:45  Break
 11:00  Sarah Bro Trasmundi 
 11:30  Lunch
 13:00  Theresa Schilhab
 13:30  Malene Jensen
14:00  Round table
 15:00  Day 1 ends
9:30  Welcome
9:45  Keynote: Yanna Popova
10:45  Break
11:00  Rachel Kooy & Camille Holmstedt
11:30  Lunch
13:00  Federico Pianzola
13:30  Johanne Kirkeby
14:00  Round table
15:00  End of Symposium


To participate in the symposium, please register here or send an email to Camille Holmstedt to receive a link to the online event and the book of abstracts.

This event is organised by The Reading Project, a part of the University of Southern Denmark's Advanced Cogitive Ethnography Lab, with funding from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

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