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Oliver Niebuhr

Oliver Niebuhr is Associate Professor of Communication and Innovation at the Institute of Design and Communication. Additionally, he represents the speech-sciences branch of the Innovation Research Cluster Alsion (IRCA). Before joining the SDU, Oliver Niebuhr worked as an interdisciplinary post-doc researcher at the universities of Aix-Marseille (France) and York (UK), and was appointed Junior Professor of Spoken Language Analysis at Kiel University (Germany), where he also chaired the Kiel research center on "Speech & Emotion". In 2014, he was a visiting scholar at the Phonetics Dept. of Charles University, Prague (CZ).

Oliver Niebuhr's main research interests concern all the various elements of speech that lie in the subtle details of sound and melody that relate to speaker attitudes, emotions, personality, phrasing, content memorization, and signals of turn-taking and information structure. The corresponding research uses speech-signal analysis – mostly, but not exclusively conducted in the acoustic domain – as well as instrumental experiments in speech production and perception.

Current research projects, which are continued and extended within IRCA include:

  • The communicative evaluation and improvement of technical in-car-communication systems
  • The situative characteristics of an attractive voice, emphatic speech, stress and memorization
  • Perception of non-native accents
  • Environmental and technical factors in speech data elicitation
  • Speech patterns in/for advertisement spots




Associate Professor
Department of Design og Kommunikation
Alsion 2, 4th floor, block E, glass office
6400 Sønderborg
Phone: +4565507649



University of Southern Denmark

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