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Gymnastic apparatus work


To create and communicate knowledge about Nordic gymnastic apparatus work, including a clarification and possible development of a joint Nordic degree program. A central issue is how institutions can use gymnastic apparatus work as a tool for physical development, health and movement. Participants exchange ideas and experience at regular meetings, and it is expected that this material will be published in the near future:

  • Educational background and planning tools for gymnastic apparatus work in school sports. 
  • Parkour and free running as inspiration for the development of gymnastic apparatus work. 
  • Writing and implementing recommendations for the use of trampolines, including general considerations regarding safety related to gymnastic apparatus work. 
  • Courses in biomechanics in connection with gymnastic apparatus work. 
  • E-learning and ICT in gymnastic apparatus work and opportunities for video feedback.

Work will continue on the joint, web-based teaching system, Blackboard, which all of the group's members have access to.



Lars Elbæk, University of Southern Denmark, mail:

Last Updated 16.08.2016