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Top researcher strengthens IOB's international profile in phenomenology and qualitative research methods

Dan Zahavi becomes an honorary professor at the Department of Sport Sciences and Biomechanics, affiliated with the research unit Movement, Culture and Society (MoCS).

Based on several years of collaboration, the research unit “Movement, Culture, and Society” (MoCS) has created a unique opportunity to affiliate Professor Dan Zahavi with the research unit.

The appointment is made in order to support the unit's research strategic objectives, its development of international PhD courses, and ongoing work with the development of specialized Master’s degree in phenomenology and qualitative methods.

Dan Zahavi is appointed for a five-year period.

Leading international researcher

Dan Zahavi is professor of philosophy at the University of Copenhagen (KU) and at Oxford University as well as the founder and head of the Center for Subjectivity Research (CFS). He was born and raised in Denmark, but his expertise has taken him to the heart of international research in phenomenology and cognitive science.

Zahavi has authored and edited more than 25 books, over 175 research articles, and received numerous awards and grants (most recently Semper Ardens from the Carlsberg Foundation). His research has been translated into 30 languages and his lectures are in high demand across the globe.

- “In short, Dan Zahavi is one of the leading voices of phenomenology today. In the past decade, he has also had significant impact on the research methodology of applying phenomenology to issues in health care” says MoCS head of research, Susanne Ravn.

- The affiliation of Zahavi as adjunct professor will be of invaluable importance for MoCS to pursue and fulfil the research goals we have set ourselves - including becoming an international leading unit of research integrating phenomenology and qualitative research methodologies.

Strong educational perspective

MoCS has an international outlook and a strong international network. Several of the unit's researchers have played key roles in international workshops.

The unit is currently working on developing the PhD course Qualitative Research Methodologies and Phenomenology (a 3-day course held since 2011) into a ‘summer school’ with an expected wide international reach. The collaboration with Dan Zahavi and CFS is central in this context.

Photo: Keiko Ikeuchi

Editing was completed: 01.11.2020