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Abstracts for the free oral presentations session can by submitted by sending an MS Word file to

ONLY abstracts that meet the following will be considered.

Submission deadline extended to 6 December 2018.


Abstract guidelines

The whole abstract must fit on a single page

with 3-cm top and bottom margins and 2-cm left and right margins.

Title: Use Times New Roman font, bold, 16 pt, centered for the title, maximum 15 words.


Authors: Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt, centered for the authors. Use full first and last names for all authors (no abbreviations except for middle names) and refer to affiliations with a superscript number after each author’s name. Do not include degrees.


Affiliations: Use Times New Roman font, Italic, 12 pt, centered for the affiliations. Please check that all affiliations and numbers match the authors.


Text: Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt. This section must be limited to 2,500 characters including spaces. The abstract must be informative, including a statement of the study’s specific PURPOSE, METHODS, summary of RESULTS and CONCLUSION statement using these headings.


Abstracts of experimental, observational and meta-analytic studies must include data to substantiate the conclusions being drawn. It is not satisfactory to simply describe what was found (e.g. “the treatment group increased their fitness more than the control group”) or to only include statistical results (e.g. “associations were significant at p < .05”). Failure to include experimental data may result in the abstract being rejected.


Indicate grant funding at the bottom of your abstract.


Keep references to a minimum.


The abstract must be written in grammatically correct English.


Do not use graphs and tables.


All contents of the abstract are the sole responsibility of the author(s) of the abstract.