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We have pre-booked rooms at three hotels in various price categories in the city center near the railway station. 
All rooms are inclusive breakfast.

In order to get the discount price stated below, you have to book by using the reservation form and NOT directly with the hotel. Please be aware that a limited number of rooms are pre-booked at each hotel and you will be booked at first-come, first-served basis.

Please send your reservation form  to the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) Accommodation Office:

Deadline for hotel reservations: 04 January 2019 (CabInn 22 November 2018)


Double room 
per night


Radisson Blu, HC Andersen

995 DKK


 Hotel Plaza

862 DKK

 Only available
25-27 January

Hotel Ansgar

735 DKK

 Only available
25-27 January

Hotel Windsor

735 DKK

 Only available 
25-27 January

Hotel CabInn

740 DKK