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Vision and Research Objectives

  • Objectives /concrete aims to critically and constructively influence national sports, cultural, and health-related societal agendas.

  • To position ourselves as an international authority on research in dance and dance-related practices

  • To become an international resource centre for, and central player in, the methodological combinations of phenomenology and qualitative research. Part of this vision is anchored in the aims and plans of establishing asummer school /phd course which will run annually and place itself at the front internationally when it comes to integrating phenomenology and qualitative research methodologies.

Research objectives

  • To further develop how cultural analytical approaches can contribute to a critical understanding of body and movement cultures and their societal significance and relation to various understandings of health.

  • To develop conceptual tools to understand and distinguish between various types of movement practices with the aim of identifying whether/on which terms a particular practice constitutes – or does not constitute a sporting activity.

  • To use various movement practices to push theoretical developments in phenomenology, sociology, cultural analyses, and cognitive science.

  • To refine methodologies that combine phenomenology and qualitative research…

Last Updated 14.04.2021