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Research projects

Currently (2019-20) MoCS are involved in:

Being moved to move – clarifying affectivity dimensions in movement practices: The project focuses on affectivity as an embodied aspect of our involvement in movement practices. Affectivity is understood as our embodied capacity to be affected and touched in a meaningful way. A capacity, which in accordance with our sensorimotor system, works in extended ways and can be environmentally supported. Concretely and in selected fields of practices, counting dance, yoga, boxing, parkour and eSports, MoCS investigate affective aspects that characterise the ways we are involved and caught up in the practice.

Giovanna Colombetti, Exeter University, UK is connected to the project as guest professor.

Read more about the project here.

Ongoing projects:

  • Combining phenomenology and qualitative research (SRavn)
  • Improvisation and agency (SRavn)
  • Movement practicing by Fighthing Monkeys (SRavn)
  • Yoga (CDamkjær)
  • Street sports and parkour (SHLarsen)
  • eSport (DEkdahl)
  • Hooliganism and risk behaviour among football fans (LJoern and JHavelund)
  • Boxing (LJoern)