Research areas


Research areas

With research approaches primarily in the humanities, MoCS contributes to phenomenological clarifications and understandings of the fundamental importance of movement to embodiment, consciousness and interpersonal relationships. With cultural theoretical approaches, work is carried out using critical analysis of current movement cultures and health understandings. Some of these analyses include historical-sociological approaches.

Movement practices and topics of resent and current research:

  • Play and new forms of movement - e.g. parkour, street sports, fitness trends, Natural Movement, contemporary circus and eSports.
  • Movement practices that have awareness-explorational approaches - e.g. tai-chi, aikido, mindfulness and yoga.
  • Improvisation – particularly dance improvisation
  • Affectivity and movement practicing
  • Critical cultural analysis and historical-sociological analyses of various movement practices as well as understandings of body and health.
  • Philosophical phenomenological clarifications concerning self-awareness, agency and interaction, respectively.

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