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Research networks


MoCS has an ongoing cooperation on the level of PhD (exchange and research stay), shared research projects, and/or research stays with the following departments, universities and institutes:  

  • ‘Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology’ at Exeter University, UK;
  • Department of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia;
  • The Faculty of Well-being, Education and Language Studies, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
  • School of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin, IRL.
  • Imperial College, London, UK
  • Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aestehtics, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Life Studies, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, NO.
  • Center for Subjecvtivity Research, Copenhagen University, DK;
  • Interactive Minds, Aarhus University, DK.