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Research Areas

The unit’s research areas are pedagogy and psychology within sports, physical activity and movement. The research unit focuses on:

  • The practice of physical education and learning
  • How social relations influence talent development and performance
  • Entrepreneurship and interaction design in physical education and 'human movement'

The research expands in three directions, which all have practice as their starting point and focus on the use and development of movement.

Click on each research area for more information.

You can also read our strategy plan for 2015-2020 here.

From a societal perspective, the unit’s results will set the agenda for future physical education practice and politics. The elite sport, schools and health-promoting and pedagogical environments use the results of LET’S research.

LET’S research is used as the basis for 1) planning pedagogical work such as developing physical education, and integrating movement and learning in other lessons at school, 2) planning education of both coaches and teachers, 3) sharpening the qualifications of physical education teachers, sports psychologists, and sports leaders, 4) establishment of innovative and entrepreneurial practice in physical education and health.

Download roll-up for the research unit "Learning & Talent in Sport" here

Download the research strategy 2015-2020 for "Learning & Talent in Sport" here



Last Updated 22.03.2019